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14 February 2011 @ 1:02 PM

I have a couple questions about it so here:

I went to the BAFTAs yesterday and after chanting his name a million times, his publicist finally bought him over. I was fangirling so much and my friends told him that i’m his biggest fan and I told his publicist who was standing there to tell him I love him and that I help run Jesse Eisenberg Online. She was like “woah” so she told him about the site and he came over to me and I told him I was his biggest fan and that I love him. He kept saying thank you. I told him that Steph and I run and that we’re huge fans and we both love him so much. He replied saying “Oh, i’ve never heard of it!” (which is a lie because we know his people have seen it) but I just replied “GOOGLE IT” lol.

Remember when he said he’d marry me in the Holy Rollers live chat last year? Well, my friend told him about that and he said “Oh, that’s great! When is this wedding gonna happen?” and I replied “WHENEVER YOU WANT!” I sounded so desperate but I couldn’t think straight so wahetever. And then he asked me where i’m from and a couple other questions (i can’t even remember anymore). His publicist was so lovely btw.

and then…HE TOUCHED ME. HE.FUCKING.TOUCHED.ME. He squeezed my arm and said “Thank you [insert my name here because i don’t want to say it all online], thank you for all the support!” Afterwards, he was signing some stuff for the people down the row and I was still freaking out that I just had a conversation with Jesse freaking Eisenberg and he kept looking back at me smiling. :’)

I got a picture with him but i’m not comfortable with posting my face online, sorry! I have other photos I took of him which i’ll upload to when I get the chance.

I also met Andrew but didn’t get a picture with him…just pictures of him. And he was ADORABLE. I also met Emma Stone! :)


Okay…brb heaven.

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